M16 5.56/223 Bolt Carrier Group Hybrid

Prime, LLC

$ 99.95 $ 139.95


This is our new Nickel Boron / Nitride Hybrid Bolt Carrier Group for the 5.56./.223 caliber. We use a 9310 Vac-Arc steel Bolt over the Mil-Spec Carpenter 158 Bolt because it's stronger and after many test firings and torture tests we've found it to not only last longer but to be more durable. The Nickel Boron coating has a Rockwell hardness between 52-56. This Bolt Carrier Group comes fully assembled and ready to drop into your rifle.


- AR15 and M16 Compatible

- 5.56 / 223

- 8620 Steel Carrier Nickel Boron Coated

- 9310 Vac-Arc Steel Bolt Nitride Coated

- 4340 Steel Cam Pin Nitride Coated

- 4140 Steel Gas Key Nitride Coated

- Tool Steel Extractor Nitride Coated

- Shot Peened

- MPI (Magnetic Particle Inspected)

- HPT (High Pressure Tested)

- Gas key staked to Mil-Spec Standards

- Grade 8 Hardened Fasteners

- Extractor Insert with upgraded Crane O-Ring

- Power Spring Kit

Bolt engraved with 5.56 MPI/9310