M16 Nickel Boron PW1 Bolt Carrier Group

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This is our new and improved Nickel Boron Coating which has a 72 Rockwell hardness value which is stronger than standard Nickel Boron, NiB-X, Chrome and Mag. Phos. With the added hardness you have a slick feel allowing the bolt carrier group to cycle twice as long as most bolt carrier groups without the need to oil and clean the rifle. This BCG cleans easily and will not discolor like standard Matte finish NiB BCG's. Unlike standard Nickel Boron coatings which come with a matte finish, meaning it has a 1-2% Boron content leaving it susceptible to wear and possible flaking, the NiB P1W5XG coating has a polished gun metal look and WILL NOT FLAKE! This Bolt carrier group will hold up in the harshest conditions and outlast and compete with the best BCG's on the market. These BCG's have been both Magnetic Particle Inspected (MPI) and High Pressure Tested (HPT) Bolts come with MPI/9310 Logo. 

- NiB M16 8620 steel Carrier

- NiB 9310 Steel Bolt

- NiB Billet Gas Key

- NiB Billet Extractor

- NiB Cam Pin

- Properly Staked Gas Key

- Extractor Insert with Crane O-Ring upgrade

- MPI (Magnetic Particle Inspected)

- HPT (High Pressure Tested)

- Shot Peened

- Bolt engraved with MPI/9310